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Delvingwood Map Tiles include what you need  to quickly map out your next dungeon delving encounter! The Starter Set includes 31 detailed, durable, wooden map tiles (9.5 mm thick). They’re Made in the USA to be expandable, stackable, and most-of-all . . . game-ready for your next session (no 3d printing needed).


Our Map Tiles are suited for gaming at a variety of scales but are best for 25mm to 32mm scale. Tiles feature 1-inch square divisions worked into the texture for easy movement and combat on a  standard grid.


Delvingwood Map Tiles makes mapping corridors, caverns, streets, rooms and buildings easy. Just throw them down on the table and let your imagination take it from there!

Our Map Tiles are made with 9.5 mm THICK Baltic Birch plywood. These handmade tiles are sanded to a base finish, but dust and tiny wood fibers may be present.


If you're looking for more pieces and a bigger set, check out the Delvingwood Core Set here!

Starter Map Tiles

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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