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Not-A-Nautiloid Project

The Not-A-Nautiloid Playset Models are a natural offshoot of a little Two Page Rules game we came up for ASTRAL BATTLES! a D&D setting for space or sky ship to ship encounters. We play on a large table and have a pretty great time. We printed up some Brain Eaters, Goblins, Elves and Undead for our crews. 

I am gonna post shots here of the construction process. Click here to be updated when we add project content. 

Thanks for submitting!

The question we are most often asked is can be make one for YOU? At the moment, we are not that far along (if we do it at all). BUT, we do have a CNC shop (routers, lasers and large format 3D printers) at our sister company, the at least we could try.

Check out Phase One below. I will post more as we move along on the Super Not-A-Nautiloid project.

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