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lean in and say yes.

its well travelled territory but bears repeating, engaging with players desires and dreams is the heart of roleplaying but finding a balance between moving the game forward and giving players freedom to succeed and fail can be challenging. Running a table of enthusiastic engaged and most of all trusting players through just about any scenario is rewarding on many levels but it challenges the current vogue which trends toward protecting plots (and their insidious cousins, arcs) as well as players. this play style favors and rewards continuity, heavy storyline, completing character arcs and time invested. its simple sure, but its what a lot of folks consider the vanguard of modern gaming (shh, it most likely is.) There is nothing wrong with this approach, the common refrain is you do you. Done.

But you can also create an experience around the little things that make us individuals in the game. Idiosynchratic actions.


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